form the earth for the earth

sustainability and our promise

We focus on what matters: material make-up, design simplicity, and well made goods. Products that are purposely designed to last generations. We want to motivate the shift towards buying less and buying products of quality to reduce waste. We hope to inspire a mindset of repairing and reusing instead of the throwaway culture.

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We create classic timeless pieces with simple silhouettes rather than passing trends and
ensure the longevity of our products by using high quality, natural materials.

We manufacture in small quantities as apposed to mass production.

We absolutely don't have everything figured out, but we believe that being a sustainable brand is a continues process of evolving, learning and evaluating processes and products, and we will continuously do so with the aim to always improve and tread as lightly as possible. Our heart behind everything we make is to be kinder to our natural environment.

ethical approach

We always choose quality over demand, speed and deadlines. We have great respect for the makers of our products, and everything is made in a fair and kind work environment.

materials we use

We will always opt for natural materials and fibres in our attempt to lower our impact on the natural environment.

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