materials we use

Around 60% of all clothing is made from synthetic fibres AKA PLASTIC (that which will never biodegrade!) These fibers contribute to ocean plastic pollution in a subtle but pervasive way as it leaches into the environment just by being washed. Estimates vary, but it’s possible that a single load of laundry could release hundreds of thousands of fibers from our clothes into the water This is why (as well as the soft feel on the skin), we always opt to use natural fabrics in the making of our products.

100% Cotton - There are so many things we love about cotton. It is 100% biodegradable, meaning you can literally cut it up into small pieces and bury it, allowing it to decompose. It is for its durability and natural look and feel that we chose it for our main fabric in our backpacks. A heavy weight 100% cotton canvas that is locally manufactured right here in SA. Its also the most breathable natural fabric, making it easy wearing so you will find it in our clothing ranges too.

Genuine leather

We chose leather to form part of our backpack range for its ability to stand the test of time. There is no question about the fact that nothing holds up through decades like a leather piece which 100% supports our view on sustainability and aim to create products that are rooted in longevity to ultimately reduce waste and be kinder to our planet. It is a very durable material and is unlikely to be disposed of in a hurry. Leather has been around for thousands of years, and in that time it has not impacted the earth nearly as much as plastic has in just over a hundred. Leather is extremely strong and can last for decades if treated properly. it is timeless and natural.

Linen/Rayon and tencel blends

Medium weight fabric made from a balanced blend of Linen and Rayon: 55% Linen 45% Rayon. Rayon, the cellulose fibre from the bark of a tree.

Why we chose it - This linen/rayon blend was selected because it is a balanced fabric that combines the structure of linen with the silky drape of rayon. As it is worn and washed, the fabric  gets softer and more textured. Made from natural fibres this fabric allows your skin to breathe. 

Recycled PET Felt

made 100% from recycled, South African “Plastic Bottles”!

This is the base fabric that forms the structure of the base panel of our backpacks. With x12 Plastic Bottles per meter we are happy to use this as an alternative to normal reinforcing materials knowing that we are still reducing the dreaded landfill problem our globe faces.