we design lifestyle goods for adventure on any day that are kinder to our natural environment. everything we make is rooted in longevity; pieces that are made to look great today and for years to come thanks to the use of high-quality natural materials, simplicity of design and sustainable production processes.

the story

woven in our products and how w+r came about you will find stories of distant travels to unfamiliar places, fireflies in a starry sky, childhood nostalgia of bike rides and rainy day paper boat races, salty swims and sandy toes, the smell of freshly ground coffee for a second cup in icy weather and the unwavering search for a slower paced life.

the people

we live for slow days, our morning coffee and the special magic derived from catching sunsets just in time. we have a big appreciation for ethical, well-made goods. we aim to bring more of that to things we use everyday when we create.