values that guide us

be kind, always

KINDNESS: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Driven by kindness toward people and the earth in everything we do, we hope to be a brand where everyone feels seen, valued and at home.

keep it local

We believe in keeping things close to home as much as possible, which is why we are super proud to say that our products are locally made by like minded crafters and entrepreneurs. We believe
in supporting other local businesses and sourcing the material used in our
production right here in SA.


We strive for authenticity and originality in everything that we
make. We design with heart and thought and believe that there is magic in being
true to yourself and creating things that you love.

slow made quality

We don’t compromise on quality. Creating Products that are
rooted in quality forms part of our promise as a sustainable brand. The aim is to buy quality, so you can buy less ultimately reducing waste. We will always vouch for “slow made” and craftmanship with attention to detail versus mass production.

We have great respect for the makers of our products and we
believe in open and honest communication. Quality as a main priority as well as the
time that goes into the making of carefully crafted goods is understood.