The Tiny Traveller backpack

Your tiny human’s everyday companion in big and small adventures

We noticed a lack of durable, eco-friendly backpacks on the market specifically aimed at little ones, so we set off to create a proudly South African, earth friendly and plastic free backpack that will be long lasting with a timeless design.

Raising a generation of conscious kids



Inspired by a love for our earth and all the dreams and adventures it inspires in us , we created a backpack that is ethically made of natural materials. 

No plastic. 



Don’t discard, rather donate


It is designed to be sustainable, durable and long lasting with the idea to reuse in mind. We want to encourage customers to rather donate the bag to another tiny traveller once their toddlers have outgrown it.


Supporting Local

Our bags are handcrafted by an ethical CMT service that
trains unskilled and unemployed people from their community,
encouraging and empowering young entrepreneurs to start
their own businesses.

Learning and growing through adventure and play

The idea is for tiny humans to be able to use their backpacks throughout their early development years on their journey of discovering the world around them, to have a companion they can take with them on their travels of imagination and exploring.

The details of the backpack are specifically designed to assist with the development of fine motor skills such as the pull through front strap, the drawstring, the magnetic clip enclosure and the knot-tie adjustable straps.

A backpack is the perfect way to encourage independence during the toddler stage by having them pack their own bag with their favourite things to take with them wherever they go.


*Imagery by Grand Little Adventure