Frequently Asked Questions


Why is my favourite product sold out?

We’re a young company, focused on sustainable growth, and only produce small quantities at the moment. We do, however, work closely with our local suppliers and do our best to order new stock in time, so if your favourite product is sold out, rest assured that it will be available soon! If you would like to be notified once we restock a product, pop us an email and we will let you know 😊


What steps do you take to minimise your environmental footprint?

We are a sustainable, proudly plastic free brand and keep our waste to a minimum. All our products are made from natural materials including cotton, hemp, wool, environmentally friendly cardstock and recycled papers. Our packaging consists of 100% cotton bags, recycled paper and our art prints and cards are packaged in biodegradable cellophane bags made from starch. For each book that we sell, we donate to plant one tree to help reduce our carbon footprint. As we grow, we are continuously looking for more ways to be sustainable.

My backpack looks slightly different than on the product images in the online shop, is it faulty?

We dye our own fabric, so every batch differs slightly in colour. All our backpacks are also handmade which may result in small irregularities in structure and small imperfections may occur. Due to the processing of the pictures and the different calibrations of digital screens, the real colour of the final item may differ from the one seen on your screen. We will not accept returns based on a variation in colour.